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You Cant Tell Because Im Underwater But by kawaiicherryy
You Cant Tell Because Im Underwater But
This is a Maui's Dolphin.

Everyone who see's this should sign this petition:…

Thank you. 

They are critically endangered, there's only about 50-55 left in the wild. The reason is, of course, humans -_- ..... The fact that they have a slow breeding rate does not help. The predicted extinction is within next few decades.

There is more than one human induced death every seven years

The number one threat to their survival are set net fishing and trawl fishing. They get caught in the nets of the fishing boats. Other important factors are marine pollution and debris, boat strikes, and genetic bottleneck.

Chemicals from industrial waste, storm water and agricultural runoff like PCB's, DDT, dioxins and metals are all things that have been found in their blubber. These pollutants bio-accumulate, that means they increase in potency as they move up the food chain. The Maui's Dolphins are very close to the top of the food chain. Pollutants can be passed on from the parents to their calves through milk. High level exposure can cause loss of fertility and compromise immune systems in marine mammals. Both of these can obviously be disastrous for the dolphins overall population. They also mistake solid rubbish like plastic bags as food, if they ingest it they die.

The genetic diversity of the Maui's Dolphins has dropped significantly over the last 100 years, raising concerns about a "genetic bottleneck". Genetic diversity has been reduced from at least environmental and demographic changes. 

What you can do to help:

- Buy seafood that's only MSC certified.
- Recycle
- Use green products and buy from green companies and businesses
- Try to not use plastic products or non-reusable products.
- Spread the word! Educate people and get then to help too!
- Sign this petition!:…

Fun facts about Maui's Dolphins:

Smallest known dolphin in existence as well as the rarest.
They are identified as a subspecies of Hector's Dolphin.
Their scientific name is Cephalorhynchus Hectori Maui.
They tend to be in small pods of 1-5
They are reported to play with seaweed, chase each other, blow bubbles, play fight, jump and other games.
Calves live on milk for up to a year even though they learn to eat fish and squid and hunt after about six months.
Adults measure between 1.2-1.4 m and weigh up to 50 k
Don't pair for life but they do mate frequently 
Females give birth to a single calf every 2-4 years
They live about 20 years
One female might have about 4 calves during their life
Born with dorsal fins partly folded over and with fold marks along their body
Calf (50-60 cm)  is large in proportion to the mother
Live of the coast of North Island in New Zealand and only found in isolated pockets along the North West Coat of North Island, between Dargaville and New Plymouth.
During the summer (October-March) they seem to be closer to shore and are mostly seen within one mile of the cost. Usually they are about 5 miles off the shore.
Can't swim backwards



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Marla Janckens
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Please use gender neutral pronouns for me. Love sports, having fun, sex, art, reading, going online, nature, singing, talking with the dead. I smoke weed on occasions.
Queer - Pansexual - Polyamorous - Feminist - Nudist - Nymph - Fairy - Witch - Semi vegan - Cat - Rabbit on occasion - Sexologist - Gender fluid/omnigender - Animal rights activist - Environmental activist - Social justice warrior - Adventurer - Switch leaning more towards sub - Humanist
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I went to the doctors and got a new gynecologist because I turned 18 last year and I wanted to talk about birth control. More specifically tube tying and the IUD. The doctor said he wouldn’t tie my tubes because I’m 18 years old and he said that probably no one would. I asked why and he replied it’s permanent, you might want to change your mind and have kids. I DO want to have kids, i love kids! I just DON’T want to get pregnant, EVER. I want to adopt and I know I will not change my mind. Just because I’m young doesn't mean I don’t know what I want. Why can I get a tattoo and not be questioned about it? Why don’t you just shut the fuck up do your job and be fucking PROFESSIONAL. It’s my fucking body!  

I posted this on my tumblr yesterday. I have more to say about this.

I have a feeling that this general reaction to me getting my tubes tied is because, females are expected to have children and expected to WANT to have children and give birth in their life time. This is a sexist stereotype that is pushed on a female since before we can read. When we are children for a female there are tons of baby toys and baby dolls, I'v heard this more than a few thousand times in my life, "You'll know when YOU have kids some day". Once I told my bio father "what if I don't want to have kids?" and he replied "You will. Every girl does." THIS is why a fucking doctor won't tie my tubes. Not being able to give birth ISN'T the end of the fucking world. There are other ways you can have children! At the age of 18 I'm expected to know what I want to do with my life, start making important life decisions, but for some reason when it comes to my sexual health and reproductive rights I'm "too young". Why is it so hard for people to understand that some females don't want to experience giving birth or don't want kids?? 

should i post videos of me and my choir singing? Or of me and my sister acting? 

63 deviants said yes, its still art
18 deviants said no, thats stupid
10 deviants said yea i guess



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